Sweet kids hot licks. One the way to Dixieland. Scuffle in the street it’s cheap and I’m doing the best I can. This the start of the blazing hot lyrics to Dynamos new single “Stainless”. It’s a song, you want to hear. No, a song you need to listen. It’s one of those songs, that you need to share and not keep to yourself.

As a collective for this song, the band delivers with Ian Nakazawa showcases his amazing drum skills for the opening of “Stainless”. Before Nadia and the rest of the band join in to take you on a trip to Dixieland. This song showcases not just Nadia’s amazing vocals, but the whole band talents.

Nadia’s vocals are rock-soulful on this song. The band is playing their heart out. You can hear it coming through each instrument. The lyrics are witty and give you a glimpse into the journey to Dixieland. It is an outstanding piece of work.

Dynamos is a band that needs to be on everyone’s playlist. Make sure to check out the video for “Stainless” below.

About Dynamos

In this digital modern age of the millennial, Dynamos invites you to have a look into the encyclopedia of American rock music. Based in Los Angeles, Dynamos combines technical expertise with pure raw energy, displaying natural ability that delivers a unique and captivating storyline, enticing fans to fantasize and connect with their songs.

With her keen charm, emotional vocalization, and expressive physical movements, Nadia brings the Dynamos musical stories to life. Growing up in northeastern New Jersey, Nadia was enrolled into opera lessons at a young age. Having a narrative style of music at her roots, Nadia started to explore more liberal forms of singing and performing.  Inspired by a variety of musical artists ranging from Otis Redding to Amy Winehouse to Nirvana, Nadia’s singing talents and broad range offer a diverse vocal style with a sense of power and confidence.

Dynamos is comprised of Nick Schaadt (music director, bass), Jacob Mayeda (guitars), Ian Nakazawa (drums, percussion), Carols Barrera (guitars), and lead by Nadia E’s natural storytelling and commanding vocals. Collectively, Dynamos has an innate sense of enthusiasm and musicianship with their common goal of sharing their knowledge and love of music to the masses.

This American rock band continues to release ear-catching singles, including “Shake, Rattle, and Roll”, “Knowledge”, and the brand new single “Stainless”.

Watch the Video

Here’s the official video for “Stainless”.

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