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Today’s Artist Spotlight is on the beautiful and talented Lexxica who hails from sunny Los Angeles.

Hello Friday, is a wonderful dance song. It’s a great Monday song, to get your week started while you are getting ready for work, school, or simply to tackle what the day or week has in store for you. If you are not tapping your feet, dancing in your seat, or getting up and dancing around the house you need to turn your headphones up. Lexxica’s voice is magical. I can’t wait to check out her EP this Spring.

Hello Friday, is a wonderful dance song. It's a great Monday song, to get your week started while you are getting ready for work, school, or simply to tackle what the day or week has in store for you.

Lexxica co-wrote the single Hello Friday with Grammy nominated producer, Rusty Varenkamp. Varenkamp produced all of Lexxica’s upcoming tracks that will be featured on her soon-to-be released EP due out Spring 2016.

Here’s what Lexxica had to say about the track, “This song is about getting away and escaping the mundane. When you just need that rescue with your friends, when Friday comes along and you are under the lights and the whole world disappears. You feel free and alive and it’s the only place you want to be!”

Check out the lyric video to Hello Friday and let me know what you think in the comments below.

 About Lexxica

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and pop star on the rise, Lexxica attributes her uplifting dance music style by identifying herself as an artist showcasing an entire experience rather than just a song to her listeners.
Set to release her follow up EP this spring, Lexical enchants her audience with her riveting hooks and free spirit. Lexxica’s productions cross a wide range of EDM styles– house, indie-dance, electro, and dubstep. A significant new talent, Lexxica owns her unique and expressive individual style.
Paving her way through the EDM/Pop world with exhilarating and expressive tracks from her
debut EP Only If You Want last year, Lexxica quickly went back in the studio, working with renowned vocal coach, Kim Wood Sandusky (Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland) and Grammy nominated producer Rusty Varenkamp to polish her sound for her forthcoming EP due out this spring.
First single “Hello Friday” will be out February 2016, which Lexxica co-wrote with Varenkamp. The
highly anticipated, uplifting anthem is meant for an “escape from the mundane” in order for listeners to free their inhibitions for the weekend. Brimming with positivity and building electro synths, Lexxica creates a track that emphasizes the excitement and thrill of forgetting your worries and losing yourself into the music.
Lexxica is musically inspired by the likes of Demi Lovato, Ellie Goulding and her own personal experiences.
Two additional singles from her forthcoming EP will be released this spring along with accompanying music videos.
“My music is fun and passionate. EDM is an experience… creates a euphoric feeling that you just want to get lost in. Maybe it takes a bad day and makes you want to
escape… dance, smile, move, jump. It gets in your soul, and pumps energy through your veins. It awakens you. Awakens the life inside of you.” -Lexxica

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