You know that saying every memory has a soundtrack? I feel like that was written especially for my life. Every single significant moment or person in my life has an amazing song attached to them. I decided it would be fun to pay tribute to some of my people through the music I associate with them.

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So, let’s start with the song that kicked off my reminiscing. Broadcast 2000’s Run first came to my attention in the early stages of getting to know someone special. The lyrics perfectly fitted how I was feeling at the time. I already knew this man was a person I wanted to keep in my life but was concerned that perhaps he wouldn’t feel the same once he knew all my deep dark secrets. I’m sure this is a common worry. The music has such hopeful lilt to it; I was encouraged to bare all. Luckily for me, he accepted me as I am. Hence, this song holds s special place in my heart. It reminds me that people often surprise you & those that matter will love all of you. Nine years later that man is still a very important figure in my life and I am delighted to be able to say that.

Next song up is a complete change of pace. This one takes me back to the tail end of my wild youth. In my mid-twenties, my dear friend Bil came to stay with me for around 6 months. That period became an extended lost weekend. We hit a different a club every night of the week. We stayed out all night, drank our selves daft & called in sick to work the next day. I think perhaps we were both trying to hang on to our previous more carefree student lives. In any case, we were incredibly irresponsible and it was a blast. One tune guaranteed to get us on the dance floor was Put em High by Stonebridge (featuring Therese). This song represents unbridled, enthusiastic oblivion. The beat is irrepressible and will always make me smile. We’re both a tad more grown-up these days, but I will never those 6 months of raucous clubbing.

My maternal grandmother was a huge presence in my life. I called her my big Gran, which I suppose, illustrates how large a role she played. Sadly, my Gran died young & our time together was cut short. The Days by The Kinks perfectly sums up how I feel about that precious time. The folksy style reflects the ease and comfort I felt in my Gran’s care. I am eternally grateful for how safe and special she made me feel. The lyrics could have come straight out of my heart. So much so that I always feel a tiny bit tearful when I hear this song.

Mousse T’s Is It ‘Cos I’m Cool brings to mind one of the best people I know, my baby sister. My sis is stunning; tall, slim & beautiful. She has innate style & she knows how to rock a dance floor. Add to this a successful career as a solicitor & a penchant for sky-high heels and the ability to make her own clothes and I’m sure you will agree she is the epitome of cool. Besides all her many talents my sister is kind & loving. I can always rely on her be there in times of need or for a first-class night out. This bouncing track encapsulates her spirit. The cocky, tongue in cheek lyrics mimics her sense of humor. I am proud and delighted to call her my sister; this song reminds me of how wonderful she is.

My final choice is bittersweet. Sweet as it allows me to relive the purity of my friend Jo. Sadly, Jo left this earth way before her time. They say only the good die young & in Jo’s case, the cliche is true. Katie Melua’s I Cried For You is an exquisitely quiet song. Like Jo, there is nothing showy about it. Yet the words capture such depth of feeling and the music swells just where you need it to. I can’t think if a more apt song to represent Jo’s selfless, but unobtrusive love for others. She really did teach me that ‘ beauty need only be a whisper’.

Music Personified by ly h Kerr via

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