Today, I want to bring awareness and share my story. I knew that I wanted to share this and make other young women aware and to be sure they do self-exams. I wasn’t even sure how I wanted to start this post off, but holy shit, this was one of the scariest times in my life. If you have been a reader for a while, I’ve shared about my anxiety and well – this put me into overdrive. My story, the fight against breast cancer

It’s recommended by the American Cancer Society that woman ages 45 – 54 should get a mammogram every year.

It all started one Saturday afternoon in June with an itch. Yes, an itch. I had an itch on my breast and well, I scratched it. But when I did, I felt a small lump on the inner side of my left breast. My heart dropped. I am in full panic attack. OMG, what in the world!?! Being that I am only in my 30’s getting a mammogram annually is not something that was on my radar as of yet. I went in for an appointment to my primary care physician on a Monday, she said she would refer me out for a mammogram to the Women’s Health Center.

I contact the Women’s Health Center to get the soonest available appointment.  The day of the mammogram, I’m wondering what it will be like, the actual mammogram. I’ve heard that it hurts and very uncomfortable. Plus I have breast implants, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I check in and wait in the main waiting room. The wait is not long and I called to the back as ask to take my shirt off and put on a robe (I’m able to keep my pants on). After I change I go into a second waiting area, which is very spa-like with comfy chairs, massage chairs, and a small water feature that sounds like a bubbling brook. It did help to ease the nerves a bit. A nurse comes to the door and calls my name to take me back to the get the mammogram. The mammogram machines themselves are huge. But it doesn’t hurt like I thought it might.

After the mammogram, I’m sent back to the waiting area so that I can see the doctor. I wait there a while, but not super long, before I am called to the back again. This time to an ultrasound. Images are taken by the doctor, as she wants to explain why she is doing the ultrasound. She says she wants to get another view since I have implants and because the mammogram results show masses in both breasts. You can cue in my worry, panic face. She said she wants to do a breast biopsy on both breasts. Yes, the worry grows. Now to find out if these masses are benign or malignant.

Day of the Biopsy

Jay of Life of Creed - biopsy photoI am having BOTH breasts biopsied. I tried to stay away from Google… but that didn’t happen. I had to Google how a biopsy was done. Of course, it looked terrifying on the one video I watched. I wait in the general waiting area for a few minutes before my name is called to go to the back. I’m asked to change out of my top and put on this paper top under my robe. I’m in the second waiting area (the one mentioned above). Again, the wait is not long and I am taken to the mammogram room to get one before the biopsy.

After the mammogram, I’m taken to the room that the biopsy will be done in. Beforehand I was told to bring handphones if I wanted to listen to music during the procedure. So I have them in my robe pocket. The nurses are amazing. I let them know that I am terrified, TERRIFIED of needles. They explain each step of what would take place. They show me the machine and turned it on so I could hear the sound it makes. It’s a vacuum assisted so it makes a humming sound.

Once they have me prep and ready, I put my headphones on, turn low. Moments later the doctor comes in and she gives a quick rundown of what she will do. She tells me don’t look at the biopsy needle. I did however glance and yes it was HUGE! She first gives a shot that numbs the area before using the biopsy needle. Doing each step she lets me know what she is doing, that I may feel pressure, etc. The procedure went without a hitch, it didn’t take a very long time for her to do a biopsy on both sides.

Did it hurt?? Actually, it didn’t hurt at all. The procedure itself didn’t hurt for me.  The actual procedure didn’t hurt as the biopsy needle does continue to shoot numbing medication as she was doing the biopsy. I was a little achy after and for a couple of days. I was not able to lift anything over 10 pounds the day of the procedure and nothing over 15 pounds the day after the procedure.

Jay of Life of Creed - biopsy photo

In the room waiting for biopsy.

The Waiting Game

The biopsy was done July 3rd, so it would be a couple days before I would get the results. The days seem long – just waiting patiently to know. That just my already high anxiety and I was not going to let this take me into the rabbit hole of what if.  The doctor called late in the afternoon on July 5th to let me know it was a benign fibroadenoma and that she would like to see me in 6 months for a followup. A sigh of relief!! I was happy to hear that. The unknown of what if, I did my best to keep positive vibes and good energy in the universe. I’m am glad that the results were good. But not everyone gets those type of results. That’s why I am sharing my story, to bring awareness that it doesn’t matter your age, you have to do regular breast self-exams.

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