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Most people focus their efforts on springtime home cleaning, but autumn is also a convenient moment to clean, purge and organize your home for the upcoming winter and holiday season. That is the perfect opportunity to store the summer sports gear, clothes and toys and to start thinking about where you’ve put all the winter stuff last spring.

As you will be spending most of your time indoors once the weather gets colder, the effort you put into cleaning your home now will pay off greatly when you get to enjoy your warm, clean and cozy home during short and cold weekends.

Here are four tips to help you give your home an autumn cleaning blitz.

Clean the outdoors

Excellent Tips to Give Your Home an Autumn Cleaning Blitz - Outdoor cleaning tips

Just as you’re getting your home clean and ready for the cold season, the outdoors also needs some work. You will be spending more time indoors, but you’ll want to have your yard cleaned and ready for winter. Once the spring comes, it’ll be much easier and quicker to move outside again and enjoy the nice weather. 

Start by scrubbing your paving and decking with a stiff nylon brush and a patio cleaner and use a power washer for stubborn stains. Before you move your patio furniture into storage, make sure you clean it well and wash the cushions and upholstery. 

Check out your paving for cracks as winter’s freeze and thaw cycles can make those cracks much bigger. It can be a DIY chore or get professional help. Don’t forget the gutters, as well. You’ll need to wash your windows so while you’re at it and using the ladder, clear out any debris in the gutters. 

Next, mow your lawn one more time and make sure you clean it well before storing it away for winter. You’ll need a soft brush, cloth, a spatula for scrubbing and heavy-duty gloves to clean the grass and mud stuck on the blades and undercarriage. You’ll also be able to use the same tools to clean your garden tools. 

Clear out your garage

Excellent Tips to Give Your Home an Autumn Cleaning Blitz - Cleaning the garage

Another item on your cleaning list is the much-dreaded garage. It’s often the case that our garages become huge storages to such an extent that our cars can’t fit in anymore. If it looks like it’s going that way, use the autumn cleaning to clear it out and organize it better. It’s best if you make a plan first and divide everything into three piles – things that stay, things that will be donated and things to throw away, including all the extra stuff leftover from cleaning out your home and backyard.

In Australia, as much as in the rest of the world, eco-awareness is on the rise and recycling and waste management have become quite a hot topic so when Aussie homeowners need to take care of all the unwanted stuff, they hire mini skips in Adelaide as an affordable, convenient and environmentally-friendly solution. They often come with different skip bins for a different type of thrash. With such a fool-proof solution for waste management, any garage purge is a breeze! 

Clean the rugs, carpets, upholstery, and curtains

Excellent Tips to Give Your Home an Autumn Cleaning Blitz - Clean the carpet

During the spring and summer seasons, lots of dirt gets tracked indoors and ends up embedded in the rug and carpet fibers causing them to get damaged and look worn. Autumn is the right time to have them deep cleaned and prepped for the winter. You can do it yourself with a hired machine and an efficient stain remover, but if they prove to be really dirty, turn to professional cleaners.

Dirt always finds its way into things and your mattresses, curtains, and upholstery are no exception. One way to clean them is to use a vacuum cleaner and a special tool, but a better solution is the steam cleaner. Steam kills 99% of bacteria and germs while removing dirt at the same time without you having to use any chemicals. 

Clean your kitchen

Kitchen is the room that in most households gets quite cramped with things during the spring and summer and with all the stuff we keep storing in the cabinets, it becomes cluttered. Autumn cleaning is the perfect excuse to declutter your kitchen and get rid of all the things that have been collecting dust in your cupboards and shelves. 

Throw away things that are past their expiration date and make room in your pantry for new winter stock. All the other things that are still good you can donate to your local charity shops or maybe find a way to repurpose them in your own home. 

The same goes for your fridge and freezer. Once you clear out the food and unplug it, clean it and dry it off. Your freezer also needs some TLC, especially if you’ve noticed a build-up of ice and it’s not a self-defrost model. Clean it and defrost it so it can work to its full potential.  

With these 4 easy tips, you’ll ensure your home will be spick and span for the upcoming winter and a perfect place to cozy up with your family and enjoy the holidays.

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Excellent Tips to Give Your Home an Autumn Cleaning Blitz

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