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For those who are curious, there is always something new to learn. Curiosity keeps the excitement high; you can learn many new things every day. Two forms of exercise may look similar but are entirely different from each other. Choosing the right regime to strengthen your body and mind can be a difficult one, especially if you are trying to decide between Yoga and Pilates. Though they are often considered similar by many, they have ground-level differences that give them different characteristics.

Here is a Simplified List of Differences Between Yoga and Pilates

1. The Striking Contrast Between Histories: Yoga is considered one of the most sacred traditions that originated in India almost 5000+ years ago. The primary purpose of developing the practice was to connect the person’s consciousness to the universal consciousness. The asanas or the postures, controlled breathing, and the meditation exercises help in improving the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health of the person. It also helps in enhancing the flexibility and inner strength of the body. 

2. On the Other Hand, Pilates Is A Modern Form of Exercise Regime: It was developed around 1925 by Joseph Pilates. The primary purpose of the development of this technique was to help people in physical rehabilitation. It helps in improving posture, strengthens the core, stabilizes, and elongates the spine and improve overall balance. Since it came into practice, it has developed and changed dramatically over time with the help of different trainers. 

3. The Difference in The Equipment: In Yoga, the leading equipment you are going to use is a mat. There is some minor equipment like straps, blanket, or blocks, which you will use occasionally. On the other hand, Pilates uses a broad set of equipment, including a spine corrector, tower, reformer, small barrel, wunda chair, and many others. This equipment mostly uses a pulley system with a different set of springs for resistance. These machines help in achieving perfect alignment for the body and also improve strength from inside. 

4. The Main Difference is in The Spiritual Component: Yoga is an ancient practice, and it is aimed at connecting a person’s consciousness to the divine one. Unlike Yoga, there is no spiritual connection in Pilates, and it is only an exercise regime. 

5. The Methods are Different to The Core: In Yoga, the body of the practicing person serves as resistance. It aims at minimal use of external machines and equipment. However, Pilates series of machines and equipment are used to provide resistance to the body. Thus, while Yoga is used as a spiritual tool, Pilates is considered a rehabilitation tool. 

  • Yoga and Pilates, the moves and poses are entirely different. The time you spend on holding one pose is also one of the main differences in these two regimes. In Yoga, you will hold in a position much longer in comparison to Pilates. The main aim here in Yoga is to fall deeply in every pose and form a more profound connection. There is a specific flow in Yoga, which is not always the case in Pilates.

6. The Intention Behind the Regimes: Yoga is more about the deeper connection between mind, body, soul, and emotions. It is focused on the spiritual connection of the person with the divine consciousness. Pilates, on the other hand, is more focused on the alignment of the body.

Which One to Choose?

Depending on your requirements, you should go for Yoga in case you are looking to relax and give your mind more stability. On the other hand, if you have suffered an injury or went through surgery, Pilates will be a better choice. A lot of physiotherapists ask to do Pilates after their sessions, while Yoga is often prescribed as a regime that you should follow for a better lifestyle.

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