Now before anyone of you start bashing me about being a being too inclined on one band and ditching the other band, I’d like to say that I love both of these bands. I don’t mean to start a war between the fans of these bands.

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Now, I’ve been listening to a lot of punk rock bands lately from the likes of Sum 41, Blink 182, The Offspring, Good Charlotte, Green Day, etc. If you go to, you’ll find a poll on “Sum 41 or Blink 182”. Most of the people think Blink 182 is better (67%) and the remaining (33%) think that Sum-41 is better.

Since Blink 182 was formed in 1992, they have a few more albums than the other and have many hit songs. Blink 182 is a classic punk band with very simple lyrics that are easily understood by most of the people. Most of their songs are about love, girls, fun things, etc. Now, if you take Sum 41, they formed 4 years later in 1996. The members of Sum 41 have often changed once and again, except the lead vocalist. Now, their songs are of a totally different kind. If you listen carefully to their lyrics, most of the songs are about anarchism, revolution, how humans are destroying the earth, environmental issues, Be different. Of course, they write about love and girls but those types of songs are very few in number. Sum 41’s songs are electrifying and motivating while Blink 182’s songs are soothing and fun to listen to.

Coming to their music videos, Blink’s music videos are funny (well most of them) and are really fun to watch. What’s my age again, anyone? On the other hand, Sum-41’s music videos often include them playing the guitar and drums and just singing. Their videos are also fun to watch, as they dance around with their guitars and whatnot (Still Waiting). If you go to their respective Wikipedia page, you’ll find that Sum 41 has won 5 awards, and Blink 182 has 8 awards.

If I had to choose between one of these bands. I’d totally go for Sum 41 (sorry Blink 182 fans). But truth be told, I don’t think these two bands can be compared with each other. Apart from the fact that both of these bands are punk rock bands, they’re totally different in every aspect. Their lyrics, music, videos, are different and are very less similar. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Which band do you prefer?

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