In search of some glasses while living near Yokosuka Naval Base? I found a place with quick turn-away and great prices. You have to check out Zoff Eyeglass Store in Yokosuka. Let me backtrack to the start of the why I went in search of a place off base for glasses.

Zoff Eyeglass Yokosuka in More's City Shopping Center

B had brought some new reading prescription glass as the NEX in Yokosuka. After going to every pair of glasses in the eyeglass shop, he found a pair of frames that he liked. The price, not so much. They were $200 for a pair of reading glasses frames!! The turn around for getting the prescription lens put in was 2 to 3 weeks. The glasses were ready in 2 weeks. After a month of having them, B lost them while we shopping at Ikea. I went back to trace our steps, but if you have been in the Ikea at Kohoku in Yokohama, it’s a VERY busy store. So no luck in finding them.

I found a place near Yokosuka Naval Base to get new reading glasses and from what I heard from others they were a reasonable price.  B, toddler girl, and I headed to Yokosuka to the More’s City Shopping Center to find Zook’s.  We found the store on the 5th floor, B picks out frames he likes and we head to the counter to pay and get prescriptions lens.  At the counter, the sales clerk did speak some English. She asks what type of lens we wanted, filled out her forms for getting the prescription lens.  I verified that what she wrote matched the prescription.  The glasses B picked out did not break the bank; they were 9700¥(yen = roughly $100 USD).  That was the total we paid for everything, frames and having prescription lens put in them.  There was not a 2 week or 3 week turn around for getting the glasses back.  It was 40-minute wait!!! Yes, it took 40 minutes.  So, we ran a few quick errands while the lens was put in the frames B picked out.  It was easy and quick. Plus, you can pick from one of the many eyeglass cases they have.  I would recommend Zook’s Eyeglass Store to anyone in the Yokosuka area looking for a new pair of frames.


Zoff Eyeglass Store, Yokosuka

Here’s the case B picked out. It is flat and easily fits in his pocket.

Zoff Eyeglass Store, Yokosuka Naval Base

If you are looking for a place to shop for new eyeglasses in the Yokosuka area, check out Zoff’s in More’s City.

Have you brought glasses at Zoff’s? Let me know what you thought about price and service.


Located in More’s City Shopping Center, 5th floor


Phone: 046- 820- 4419

Hours: 10:00 – 21:00

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